Originally broadcast in August 2010 on CTV News in Montreal. Lindsey Craig reporting.

A few years ago, when Ionel Duta and his wife, Cristina Nistor, moved to Canada from Romania, they wanted to connect with their new country.

Meeting other Romanian immigrants was easy, but it didn’t teach them about Canadian traditions, values or culture. They wanted their eight-month old baby, too, to grow up feeling part of their new society.

“When people arrive in a new country, they like to discuss with people of their own nationality. But I realized that to feel like you belong in Canada…you need to understand local culture, to learn about things around you — and this is impossible without knowing people who are born here,” Duta said.

So, to make this connection, the couple took a rather unusual approach — one they hope will finally connect them to their new home — and make them feel Canadian.

Watch CTV Montreal reporter Lindsey Craig’s story on this unusual and inspiring step to connect.